Why mediation?Litigation costs are expensive. Unfortunately, a single case can sometimes be decided by who runs out of money first. Additionally, litigation and trial benefits are greatly diminished due to time and stress involved. Also, you are not part of the decision.
What can be mediated? Almost anything from family law to personal injury to contract disputes. The key is that both parties are willing to attempt resolution in good faith. Mediation is binding when an agreement is reached and signed, the ultimate mission of mediation. Mediation can occur with or without attorneys; however, attorneys are both helpful and effective in the mediation process. Where does mediation occur? Almost anywhere - courthouse, other attorney offices, etc. - the key is being able to accommodate the mediating parties and their representatives. Our offices are preferred, but we will travel to another location if reasonable.

Contact our office to schedule mediation.

Mediation Services Price
Half Day ( Per side) $ 400.00
Evening ( Per side) $ 600.00
Full Day - Lunch Provided ( Per side) $ 850.00
Mediation Lunch (2 hrs) ( Per side) $ 300.00

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